Get Involved

The UNICEF Convention on the Rights of Children states ‘the right to play’ as a fundamental human right. Support us in giving more and more children in Kibale Town Council to enjoy their right to play football regularly under organised clubs. You can get involved with us in any of the following ways.

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    Partner with Us

    KidSport Uganda welcomes partnerships with people and organizations which share our mission. If you are that person or organization we welcome you to partner with us..

    Support Us through Cash Donations

    We want every child of 6 to 16 years old in Kibale Town Council to have an opportunity to play football regularly. KidSport Uganda is creating opportunities for children to play football regularly. For us to do this we require your support. Support the growth and sustainability of our work by making a single cash donation today, or regular monthly cash donations. Your donation will help us reach as many children as possible.

    Sponsor One of our Community Football Clubs

    We believe that every child regardless of where they were born has a right to play. We work with community football clubs to provide regular football activities to children. For these clubs to continue doing this, they need your sponsorship.

    By sponsoring a community football club, you will be helping these children access their right to play and learn important life skills. The sponsorship will cover football equipment, repair/maintenance of playground, training of a local coach and teaching of life skills.

    Fundraise for KidSport Uganda

    Wherever you may live, we are sure there are many things you can do to support our work. You don’t have to join us here in Uganda to make a difference. In fact, one of the best ways you can help is by staying right where you are and reaching out to your current network with your fundraising idea. Help us raise funds for our work of creating opportunities for children in Kibale Town Council to pay football regularly.

    Give the Gift of Football Gear

    Give KidSport Uganda the gift of gently used football gear (balls, jerseys and football cleats/shoes) by:

    a)Individuals, organizations and football clubs with football gear that they do not need any more to consider recycling such stuff by donating it to KidSport Uganda for distribution to our partner community football clubs.

    b)Volunteering to collect and send to us football gear from individuals, schools, football clubs and organizations that have outgrown their stuff, from wherever you are in this world.

    c)Linking us to organizations that collect and redistribute gently used football gear to organizations in need like KidSport Uganda, to introduce /link us to such organizations.