a)Football Equipment Program

Hundreds of football loving children in Kibale Town Council are not enjoying their right to football due to lack of football gear (equipment, apparel and footwear). The community football clubs they are registered under are unable to afford to have more than one ball at a time given its high cost. As a consequence children are denied the opportunity to play football regularly, interact with peers and learn valuable life skills.

Our Football Equipment Program supports community football clubs with basic football gear, in particular balls, to deliver football activities to children regularly. We mobilize football gear both new and gently used from well- wishers from both within and outside Uganda for distribution to clubs to facilitate training and play. We aim to support each club to have at least three standard balls at any one time.

    b)Football Coaches Training Program

    Coaching provides children with the rules, instructions, and skills of playing structured football. However Community Football Clubs in Kibale Town Council lack locally based football coaches with the basic football knowledge and skills to manage football activities.
    The Football Coaches Training Program is designed to prepare and equip the local football coaches drawn from the community football clubs to run football activities within their respective clubs. The training covers basic football rules and the skills to play it as well as the essential social values associated with participation in football. The target is to have at least one trained locally based football coach for every community football club.

    c)Football Coaching Volunteer Program

    Children in our partner Community Football Clubs lack basic football knowledge, skills and tactics and do not understand the benefits regular participation in football can bring to their lives. This is all attributable to lack of opportunity to receive proper football training and coaching within the clubs. As a consequence children spend all their time on the pitch running around chasing after the ball as opposed to playing organized football.

    Our Football Coaching Volunteer Program recruits international football coaching volunteers to train and coach children from the ages of 6 to 16 years in our partner community football clubs and local schools. Volunteers will train children on football knowledge & skills, and teach them essential social values associated with participation in football as well as the health, physical and social benefits of playing football.

    We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and walks of life. No prior coaching experience or qualifications are required, but a basic understanding of the game and/or playing experience is necessary. They should be 18 years and above, of reasonable health and fitness. They are expected to be friendly, adaptable and creative and ready to create a lasting impact on the lives of children. Since the program is available all year round, volunteers can stay for a period from four to twelve weeks and choose the timings that are most suitable and convenient to them.

    Volunteers will work in both our local schools and community football clubs. In schools they will work with local teachers to teach English language and conduct physical education lessons; while at the community football clubs they will work alongside local coaches to run the football activities and teach the children essential football based social skills.

    We provide our volunteers with affordable accomodation, meals and laundry services in our purpose-built volunteer house situated within our compound. The house has four single rooms, a lounge, dining area, and kitchen, with western style toilets and shower. Beddings, towels and mosquito nets are provided. The house accommodates four volunteers with every two rooms sharing toilet and shower. The house is powered by solar. There is currently no running water but improvise it with bucket showers. We provide three meals a day, of fresh, nutritious and safe local foods including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee/tea & purified drinking water are available throughout the day.