What We Do

KidSport Uganda is creating opportunities for children under 17 years from disadvantaged communities of Kibale Town Council to play football regularly. Through our Community Football Initiative, we are committed to helping increase children’s participation in and expand their access to football. The future aim is to increase the reach of this initiative by way of supporting more and more community football clubs by providing them with football equipment and training of local coaches. Four community football clubs are currently benefitting from our support. Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable community football initiative for children over the next years.

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    Why We Focus on Football

    KidSport Uganda understands that regular participation in football helps children to improve their physical and mental health as well as develop essential social skills. Not only does football have a direct impact on physical fitness, but it also instills healthy lifestyle choices among children, helping them remain active and combat non communicable diseases. Being a demanding game, football encourages children to be physically fit. Football has long been associated with developing essential social and positive behaviours among children that enable them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Football helps to connect children with one another, have a chance to socialize with their peers and build new social relationships. Listening to the coaches and referees helps children to learn discipline and to follow instructions. It also teaches them good sportsmanship and how to deal with disappointment of losing. Football can instill confidence and helps children to overcome shyness. The fast aspect of the game encourages quick thinking and adaptability. It also encourages team spirit and working as a team which forms a bond between the children. Football helps them realize the importance of having close relationship with others, while teamwork helps children get used to working with others.
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