Where We Work

KidSport Uganda works in Kibale Town Council in Pallisa district in Eastern Uganda. It lies along Pallisa – Kumi Highway, about 220 kilometres from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The town council is made up of six (06) wards (parishes) and twenty eight (28) cells (villages), with a population of 13,813 (6,499 men & 7313 women).

It is among the poorest parts of the country with fourty eight percent (48%) of its population living below the national poverty line.. Subsistence Agriculture (farming & animal husbandry) is the backbone of the local economy and source of livelihood.

The area is served by four public and six privately owned primary schools; as well as one public secondary school. Primary school enrolment is high following the introduction of Universal Primary Education (UPE) in 2007. Over 4000 pupils are enrolled in the four (04) government aided primary schools. .

Sports opportunities for children are very limited at both school and community due to severe lack of sports facilities, equipment and coaching capacity. Most children are therefore excluded from participating in sports and the social engagement that comes with it. In this way disadvantaged children miss out to play, have fun and interact with their peers. In addition they miss out on essential social skills that are learned through sport, play and socialization.

    Who We Serve

    KidSport Uganda serves school going children, both boys and girls, of between 6 and16 years from disadvantaged backgrounds who desire to play and practise sports on a regular basis in their respective communities, but lack the opportunities to do so. Currently we are working with boys of the 6 to 16 age group with football as our main sport.