Who We Work With

KidSport Uganda partners with a network of community football clubs. We currently support four community clubs serving over 200 children. The number of children under each club varies ranging from the low of 35 to a high of over 50 children. Most of these children attend local schools operated under the mandate of the Ministry of Education & Sports that are free (Universal Primary Education & Universal Secondary Education). We support these clubs with football equipment and training of local coaches to deliver football activities to children under their care.

    1.Ookei Community Football Club

    Ookei Community Football Club is based at Ookei village, Opogono parish. It currently has over 35 children most of who are drawn from the villages of Ookei, Kapesur and Ogasian. It has a functional playing space which they share with youth above 16 years.

    2.Amatet Community Football Club

    Amatet Community Football Club is found in Amatet village, Apuna parish. It brings together over 50 children from the villages of Amatet, Apogot and Apuna.This club uses Opogono primary school playing spaces.


    3.Omukulai B Community Football Club

    KidSport Uganda has been working with Omukulai Community Football Club since 2018.It was the first club to benefit from our support. It has over 40 children drawn from the villages of Omukulai B, Logir and Aputon. Their playing space in Omukulai B village is for the exclusive use of children of ages 6 to 16 years.

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    4.Agurur B Community Football Club

    This group is found in Agurur B village, Agurur parish. This club serves over 30 children from both the town council and Kibale rural sub county. The playing space, located in Agurur B village is shared between the under 16 and above 16 age groups.

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